Seattle's premier daylight shooting space with east, west and north facing windows offers plenty of daylight options for shaping your light. The Greenhouse's main feature is an open kitchen ideal not only for food styling but great to shoot food photography, cooking shows and lifestyle shoots. Outfitted with an induction range top, oven, dishwasher, deep double sink and our favorite feature, walnut butcher block countertops.



Entire Footprint: 1,550 sq ft

Shooting Space: 1,550 sq ft

Ceiling Height: 16 feet

Floor Type: finished raw concrete floors

Interior Walls:  drywall white walls + concrete pillars

Heat: yes

AC: available upon request

Daylight: north - east - west facing window light

Wi-fi: yes

Kitchen: yes (approx. 250 sq ft)

Wardrobe Room: no (bathroom available). Ask about other options in The House.

Stereo: mobile, tablet or MP3 device plug-in

Bathrooms: yes, one

Refrigerator: yes, one

Oven: yes, one

Stovetop Range: induction

Microwave: yes

Coffee Maker: available upon request

Studio Level: ground

Vehicle/Load-in Access: ground level through main entrance (no loading dock) 

Parking: private parking at the rear of the building (reservations required) 

Public Parking: street parking free (2 hours max), please read all signs & surrounding paid lots

Sound/Audio Recording: OUR STUDIO IS NOT A sound stage. Audio recording has successfully been done here at The House, however, renter/audio team is required to visit the space prior to making a reservation to ensure their audio recording needs will fit with our space.