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Studio Footprint: 3,500 sq ft

Shooting Space: 600 - 1,800 sq ft

Ceiling Height: 20 ft.

Floor Type: medium gray epoxy, reflective / white cyc paint

Interior Walls:  white cyc, white cinder block & medium matte gray

Heat: yes

AC: only in offices, but we can provide you with fans during your shoot

Daylight: overhead skylight  west facing rolling garage doors

Wi-fi: yes

Kitchen: yes (approx. 350 sq ft)

Wardrobe Room: yes (approx. 150 sq ft) 

Production Office: yes, $$

Stereo: Chrome Cast to any devise

Bathrooms:  4

Refrigerator: yes, 2 (1 industrial with double door) 

Oven: 3

Microwave: yes

Coffee Maker: yes

Studio Level: Ground

Vehicle/Load-in Access: loading dock and vehicle drive-in ramp at the rear of the building

Parking: private parking at the rear of the building (please reserve) 

Public Parking: street parking free (2 hours max), please read all signs

Sound/Audio Recording: We are not a sound stage. Audio recording has been done here at The House, however, renter/audio team is required to visit the space prior to making a reservation to ensure their audio recording needs will fit with our space. Sound stage coming to the House Studios soon!

The House Studios is a fully equipped production facility located in seattle's thriving downtown community, Queen Anne.


(approx. 3,500 square feet) Shoot in Seattle's most popular studio equipped with a 30' cyc wall with a unique "L" shape to accommodate room for production and props to spread out. Includes access to the wardrobe room, full kitchen and client area just off the main floor. 


(approx. 20x30 feet) Our studio divides into multiple shooting base should your production not require the entire space, while making it affordable for your budget.  Studio Bays are dividable with industrial curtains or rolling walls. Studio A is now able to be fully enclosed and ideal for ultimate privacy with the new studio curtain.