July - September 2016 ONLY!

Seattle's first pop-up studio - closed for the winter, please join us in our other studios!

Join us this season at our Summer House, it's the perfect spot to pop-in and pop-out during this year's busy time. Outfitted with a basic grip package, kitchenette essentials and beautiful daylight, this studio is the perfect place to spend your summer days on set!

Contact us today for a tour or to make your reservation. We look forward to hearing from you! 


Entire Footprint: 2,180 sq ft

Shooting Space: 2,180 sq ft

Ceiling Height: 10 ft

Floor Type: gray painted concrete

Interior Walls:  unique wood slats, panelling, drywall and cinderblock

Heat: no

AC: available upon request

Daylight: west facing window light

Wi-fi: yes - hotspot

Kitchen: "ette" (approx. 100 sq ft)

Wardrobe Room: changing area with v-flats

Stereo: cd or device plug in

Bathrooms: one

Refrigerator: yes, one mini

Oven: no

Microwave: yes

Coffee Maker: available upon request

Studio Level: ground

Vehicle/Load-in Access: street level with garage door

Parking: parking available in neighbor lot upon request

Public Parking: street parking free (2 hours max), please read all signs & surrounding paid lots

Sound/Audio Recording: We are not a sound stage. Audio recording has successfully been done here at The House, however, renter/audio team is required to visit the space prior to making a reservation to ensure their audio recording needs will fit with our space.