Studio Rentals


The studios are specifically designed to meet the needs of photo shoots, providing necessary tools and services to support any size of production.


The studios are a great location for shooting your video project, whether it be green screen 25’x26’ corner cove or live action talent with room to move. Our studios are not “sound stages” however, many produtions have recorded audio successfully in the space. Here are a few examples:


There is so much flexibility in our studios that it makes the perfect location for your next workshop or event. Ask us about custom pricing, feeding your guests and outfitting the space to meet your needs.

Production Crew & Support


Hire one of our studio PAs to support your in-studio shoot or on location. When working with our studio PAs you have a more efficient response in getting the tools you need in and around the studio, they know where everything is and can answer questions quickly.


Ask us about who we know! With a comprehensive directly of stylists, HMUs, assistants, digital techs, and food stylist, we are able to help build your crew and make some great recommendations.

Creative Services


Communication through imagery is the first conversation you have with your client. Make it count. We pride ourselves in providing creativity and collaboration in the process of developing that imagery. We provide services from e-commerce product and on figure to full services custom photography.

  • product photography

  • on figure photography

  • lay-downs photography

  • headshots

  • lifestyle photo shoots

  • event photography


Our team specializes in image accuracy from color matching to image output for all mediums including large scale printing. The focus is on detail, meeting standards and providing quality delivery every time, on time.

  • image retouching

  • clipping & knock outs

  • composite work

  • skin retouching

  • color matching

Catering & Craft Services

Our most favorite service of all, feeding your crew. We specialize in providing top of the line, customizable craft services to meet the specific needs of your production. Whether it be on location or in studio, we are fully equipped to support any production.


Equipment Fulfillment

Simply, send us your equipment list and we’ll have it ready for you at the start of your reservation. We consolidate the billing, request just one insurance certificate and do the running around and pick-up/return equipment from our partner rental shops for items we don’t have it in-House. Let us do the leg work, you’ve got your hands full.